Welcome to Rugby League Ratings - your source of rugby league team comparisons across leagues (NRL, Super League, Championship, top UK amateur competitions), and internationals. Statistics and archives are constantly being updated and improved.

The aim is to be able to create rankings and compare teams across all time (and space?), back to 1895 (or 1908) using modified Elo ratings.

Data exists for Australia for any time, and for Europe back to 1945, although this older data is still being built into the current ratings.

The UK's top amateur sides are included in the Challenge Cup and Regal Trophy, and from 2001 in the National Conference League.


This site was inspired in 2010 by the desire to create a comprehensive system to rank rugby leagues across competitions, countries and time, using a version of the Elo ratings system.

It is still a work in progress, results are being collated and extended regularly. However, the latest ratings are relatively stable in most cases - historical records are more likely to change as further information becomes available.



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