The Adelaide Rams were formed in 1995 for the planned rebel Super League competition, which eventually ran parallel to the (ARL) competition in 1997. The Rams lasted two seasons, the first in the Super League competition in 1997 and the second in the first season of the National Rugby League (NRL) in 1998.

The Rams were not a successful club, winning only 13 out of 42 games. However crowd numbers in the first season were the fifth highest of any first-grade club that year, but dwindled to sixteenth in the second season. The Adelaide club was shut down at the end of the 1998 season as a result of poor on-field performances, dwindling crowd numbers, financial losses and a reduction in the number of teams in the NRL. They remain the only team from the state of South Australia to have participated in top-level rugby league in Australia.


Overall ratings statistics

Peak rating: 1848 (29th Jun 1997, 28-4 v Western Reds)
Best season average: 1764 (1997)
Worst rating: 1672 (20th Jun 1998, 4-39 v Illawarra Steelers)
Worst season average: 1729 (1998)

Best season relative to top 8: -210 (1997)
Worst season relative to top 8: -298 (1998)

Match records

Best win - biggest points gain: 58 - 8th Jun 1997, 50-8 v Salford Reds)
Best win - strongest team beaten: 1968 - 22nd Aug 1997, 36-16 v Penrith Panthers)
Worst defeat - biggest points loss: 40 (20th Jun 1998, 4-39 v Illawarra Steelers)
Worst defeat - weakest team lost to: 1516 (1st Mar 1997, 16-24 v North Queensland Cowboys)


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