Annandale were an Australian club which played from 1910 to 1920. Nicknamed "The Dales", the club's colours were red and gold.

The club was never able to finish higher than fifth in their 11-year history and managed to win just one match in their final three seasons. This, combined with the industrialisation of the area led to their omission from the competition for further seasons at the end of 1920. All these events are often attributed to the fact that fewer players were eligible to play under the residency rules in place at the time.


Overall ratings statistics

Peak rating: 1745 (1st Jul 1911, 6-3 v Newtown)
Best season average: 1705 (1911)
Worst rating: 1305 (4th Sep 1920, 0-23 v Eastern Suburbs)
Worst season average: 1348 (1920)

Best season relative to top 8: -102 (1911)
Worst season relative to top 8: -472 (1920)

Match records

Best win - biggest points gain: 54 - 29th May 1915, 30-8 v North Sydney)
Best win - strongest team beaten: 2017 - 15th Aug 1914, 16-14 v Eastern Suburbs)
Worst defeat - biggest points loss: 45 (5th Aug 1911, 3-13 v Western Suburbs)
Worst defeat - weakest team lost to: 1457 (17th Jul 1920, 8-13 v University)


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