The Balmain Tigers were a founding member and one of the most successful in the history of the premiership, with eleven titles. In 1999 they merged with the neighbouring Western Suburbs club to form the Wests Tigers. At the time of the merger only South Sydney and St George had won more titles than the Tigers.

The club's home ground was Leichhardt Oval, in Sydney's inner west. They were also known as The Watersiders in their earlier days.


Overall ratings statistics (1908-1950)

Peak rating: 2163 (28th Apr 1945, 11-28 v St George)

This peak was achieved during the club's golden era, in which five consecutive Grand Finals were reached. The Tigers were the top-rated team from 1944-1948, apart from a period during 1946 where Newtown took charge.

Best season average: 2097

This season was unremarkable, but came after the club's first successful period of five championships in six years, the club was therefore top-rated from 1916-1922, apart from during 1919 when Souths took over at the top.

Worst rating: 1592 (9th May 1914, 3-24 v North Sydney)

The club were average at this point, although success was just around the corner.

Worst season average: 1672 (1914)

Although Balmain finished 3rd in 1914, they were decidedly mid-table standard, winning six and drawing four of fourteen games.

Detailed summary: TO BE UPDATED!


Peak rating: 2162 (28th Apr 1945, 11-28 v St George)
Best season average: 2067 (1948)
Worst rating: 1866 (8th May 1943, 19-7 v Eastern Suburbs)
Worst season average: 1927 (1941)


Peak rating: 2039 (2nd Sep 1939, 33-4 v South Sydney, Grand Final)
Best season average: 1935 (1939)
Worst rating: 1630 (11th Jun 1932, 26-8 v North Sydney)
Worst season average: 1703 (1930)


Peak rating: 2106 (7th May 1921, 10-9 v South Sydney)
Best season average: 2082 (1921)
Worst rating: 1625 (16th Jun 1928, 5-16 v University)
Worst season average: 1669 (1928)


Peak rating: 2135 (18th May 1918, 12-11 v Glebe)
Best season average: 2081 (1917)
Worst rating: 1588 (9th May 1914, 3-24 v North Sydney)
Worst season average: 1664 (1914)

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