The ratings on this site include as many competitions as possible where results are known. It is the long-term aim to include every competition result back to 1895 (or 1908 for Australia), and to provide details of the greatest teams in all periods of rugby league history.

At the moment competitions that influence records are included as follows:


Rugby League World Cup

4-Nations (and predecessors)

Pacific Cup

European Bowl/Cup/Shield

Mediterranean Cup (and similar)

European Championship (historical)

Or, to put it succinctly, All matches between international teams are included (but not including such as England v Cumbria or tour matches)


Super League

Rugby League Championship (e.g. First Division, Northern Rugby League)

Championship and Championship 1 (and predecessors such as Divisions 2 and 3)

Challenge Cup

World Club Challenge/Championship

Northern Rail Cup (and similar)

National Conference League

BARLA National Cup

County Cups

Regal Trophy

Premiership Trophy

Divisional Premiership

Trans-Pennine Cup

Treize Tournoi


NRL (and predecessors ARL, NSWRL etc)

Australian Super League

World Club Challenge/Championship

Tournaments to be included

Australian Midweek Cup (and other similar)

BBC2 Floodlit Trophy

Captain Morgan Trophy

Rugby League Conference

We could include more lower-level competitions, but that's a very long-term aim due to the work required.


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