Glebe were an Australian foundation club who played from 1908 until their exit at the end of 1929. They were formed on 9th January 1908, with some sources suggesting that they may have been the first Sydney rugby league club to have been created. They were nicknamed and well known as the "Dirty Reds" due to the colour of their playing jerseys.

Playing most of their home matches out of the Wentworth Oval, Glebe remained a highly competitive team for many years. Though they came close at times, the club was never able to secure a premiership title. After struggling towards the end of the 1920s the club was eventually voted out of the premiership.


Overall ratings statistics


Peak rating: 1966 (24th Jun 1922, 13-9 v Newtown)
Best season average: 1945 (1922)
Worst rating: 1571 (23rd Jun 1928, 5-15 v Balmain)
Worst season average: 1626 (1928)


Peak rating: 2060 (4th Jun 1917, 2-29 v Newtown)
Best season average: 2002 (1916)
Worst rating: 1722 (6th May 1911, 7-11 v South Sydney)
Worst season average: 1754 (1910)

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