The club was founded in 1908 in Paddington, Sydney, under the name Eastern Suburbs; in 1995 the name was changed to the Sydney City Roosters and, in 2000, to simply the Sydney Roosters. TheBondi Junction and Moore Park-based Roosters have a long-standing and fierce rivalry with other Sydney-based clubs, especially the Rabbitohs, a fellow foundation club based in neighbouring Redfern.

Only the South Sydney and the St George have won more premierships. The club holds the record for the longest winning streak, the most wins and the second greatest margin of victory in Australian rugby league history.


Overall ratings statistics (1908-1949)TO BE UPDATED!

Peak rating: 2211 (17th Apr 1937, 7-27 v Newtown)

This is the strongest-rated team of any before 1950, and one of the strongest ever. They were to become three-time premiers after going through the season unbeaten, and on this date were over 300 points clear of the next-best team (Balmain).

Best season average: 2199 (1937)

As mentioned above, one of the six unbeaten seasons ever, and this power was reflected in this very high average rating. It should be noted however that the season was shortened to accommodate a Kangaroos tour – whether they would have lost later in a longer season, we’ll never know.

Worst rating: 1610 (16th Jul 1949, 48-6 v South Sydney)

The club had declined in the years after their 1945 Premiership, and in 1949 finished with the wooden spoon.

Worst season average: 1695 (1949)

Balmain only won three matches in 1949, and finished adrift at the bottom of the table, one of their worst ever seasons.

Detailed summary:


Peak rating: 2085 (17th May 1941, 13-2 v Canterbury)
Best season average: 2064 (1945)
Worst rating: 1610 (16th Jul 1949, 48-6 v South Sydney)
Worst season average: 1695 (1949)


Peak rating: 2211 (17th Apr 1937, 7-27 v Newtown)
Best season average: 2199 (1937)
Worst rating: 1751 (24th Apr 1930, (won) 12-26 v Eastern Suburbs)
Worst season average: 1845 (1930)


Peak rating: 2054 (10th May 1924, 28-11 v North Sydney)
Best season average: 1998 (1924)
Worst rating: 1713 (31st Aug 1929, 14-25 v Western Suburbs)
Worst season average: 1792 (1926)


Peak rating: 2162 (28th Jun 1913, 28-9 v Glebe)
Best season average: 2139 (1913)
Worst rating: 1780 (13th Jul 1918, 13-5 v South Sydney)
Worst season average: 1824 (1918)

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